Photos from Last Saturday

Elvis on the couch

Alex and I both had the day off last Saturday, which was a very special treat since we rarely have mutual days off, especially not during the weekends. Here are a few photos from our day, which started with some lounging on the couch with this chunky dog.

Salinger's Orchard

While out running a few errands, we could not resist stopping by Salinger’s Orchard for some coffee & doughnuts

Honey Varieties & Wildflower Honey

The impressive honey selection at Salinger’s Orchard on the left. I bought a small bottle of their wildflower honey and it’s amazing!

Dill pickle chips

After enjoying a couple of burgers accompanied by the most delicious pickles from Purdy’s Farmer & the Fish the night before, we headed over to their Farm Shop on Saturday to pick up some dill pickle chips, which are by far the best I have ever had!

Alex & Elvis on a walk

Alex & Elvis during a walk on one of our favorite roads.

Last Night at Yankee Stadium

Last Night at Yankee Stadium

Last night Alex and I headed over to The Bronx and had ourselves a date at Yankee Stadium. Here are some pictures from our night!

Last Night at Yankee Stadium

For select games during the 2014 Yankee season, if you have a MasterCard, you can purchase tickets in select areas of the Terrace or Grandstand Levels or Bleachers for $5. Yes, that’s right, only $5 (actually it’s technically $6 with the added fees). So for a total of $12, thanks to my MasterCard (hello, TJXRewards!) Alex and I were able to have ourselves a night at Yankee Stadium. We are actually going to the game tomorrow as well (I bought the tickets for Alex’s birthday); however, I thought $5 tickets to a game during opening week were too good to pass up!

The Yorkville Clock & Papaya King

Alex got out of work at 5 so I took a train into the city and met him at the corner of 85th and 3rd. After walking around our old neighborhood for a bit (I must admit I became very nostalgic – I really miss living there, some of the time anyway), we ultimately decided to grab a bite to eat at Papaya King, which I hadn’t been to since our lunch date there last year.

Outside Papaya King Dinner at Papaya King

A delicious dinner for two, which would have easily been at least double the price at the game.

Outside Yankee Stadium

After eating, we hopped on the 4 and headed up to The Bronx. You can find pictures from our last visit to Yankee Stadium here.

Inside Yankee Stadium View from The Grandstand Yankee Stadium

The game turned out to be quite an entertaining one and completely worth the 12 bucks. Ultimately the home team lost 4-5; however, we ended up leaving after the 6th inning since I started to not be able to feel my toes!

125th Street Subway

And finally, I must say that one of my favorite things about attending a Yankee game is taking the subway to and from the game. This mural by Valerie Maynard is located in the 125th Street subway stop.

Recent Snapshots

Hi there! My last blog entry was posted on Thursday, and since then all I have been doing is working. Thankfully, however, after today I will get to enjoy three consecutive days off and I honestly could not be happier about it. Here are a handful of photos from the past couple of weeks that I’ve been meaning to share. Hope you are having a fantastic week!